Flat Screen TV Repair - NC

Flat Screen TV Repair

If you are based in NC, don't load your broken flat screen in your vehicle and drive around looking for a quality repair shop. Instead, just visit us, so we can provide best quality flat screen repair in The NC. Family owned and operated for more than 4 decades, we do our best to serve you, your family, and your TV repair requirements. Allow us to offer you a free repair estimate over the phone. We service your flat screen TV, regardless of size, brand or model. We can revive them to good working order. Whether you have an LCD, LED or Plasma flat screen, we can fix them and get them back to you quickly. With our experience you know it'll be done right.

LCD TV Repair - NC

LCD TV Repair

Our TV repair shop in NC is ready to help when you need LCD repair. If you have experience with TV repair and have the necessary tools, you could try to do it yourself. But why bother? Advanced TV Service makes LCD repair easy as well as affordable. Whether the problem stems from the main board, fluorescent tubes, or some other issue, you can trust our skilled team of experts to get your TV working again. Whether you have Samsung, LG, Sharp, Sony or any other LCD TV in NC, call us to get the best LCD repair service.

LED TV Repair - NC

LED TV Repair

On many LED TVs, the usual symptom will be that your TV tries to turn on but then shuts down immediately. On some TVs, the TV will turn on and have sound but have no picture. That is because the LEDs behind the screen are not turning on properly. So the picture exists there on the LCD panel, but you cannot see it because the LED lamps behind the panel are not on. You can sometimes see the picture by pointing a bright flashlight into the screen and looking for the picture. We at Advanced TV Service work diligently to offer best in class LED repair services in NC.

Plasma TV Repair - NC

Plasma TV Repair

The flat screen of a plasma TV contains tiny gas cells that are placed between the two sheets of glass. Failure of even one these components can seriously impact your viewing pleasure. Since these televisions contain dangerous heavy metals, don't attempt plasma TV repair on your own. Instead, depending on the repair technicians at Advanced TV Service in NC. Our skilled staff of experts is experienced in repairing all kinds of Plasma TV with different brands in the market. So, If you encounter any damage or operational issues with your plasma TV set, our well-trained expert team at Advanced TV Service can fix your problem quickly and within your time frame.

DLP TV Repair - NC

DLP TV Repair

DLP stands for Digital Light Processing. The DLP uses a DMD (digital micromirror device) chip, which has over a million microscopic mirrors, or pixels. These mirrors are instantly activated when they receive a digital signal, and they either tilt toward or away from the light source. The DLP TV issues are sometimes tricky and complex to cater. Don't worry! NC-based Advanced TV Service is here to serve you with top notch DLP TV repair at extremely affordable rates. We service all makes and models of DLP TV available in the market.

TV Parts - NC

TV Parts

For more than forty years, Advanced TV Service has been providing original TV parts, accessories, and components for the repair of television in NC. We carry a huge inventory of original TV replacement parts and accessories such as DLP Color Wheels, DLP Replacement Lamps, DLP and LCD Light Engines, LCD Replacement Lamps, LCD TV Parts, Power Supplies, Main/Mother Circuit Boards, Fans, Remote Controls, and so much more!